What does local mean now a days? How much does it matter to our customers? How far will we go to get the best products for our customers?

Today we will go into all of that to make sure that everybody understands how seriously we take our jobs!

Here at athomewithcoop.ca all we do is focus on our products and our clients. We want to make sure that everybody goes home with the freshest ingredients so they can lead the best possible life. How is this possible you ask?

Thats easy! We built this company strictly focused on finding the best farmers and the people that believed in the products they were making. They felt proud of the food they were growing and they took all the responsibility for their methods of growth.

Growing slowly was an essential characteristic of our company, we chose to start slow and meet farmers to grow our network and continue our promise of local is always better. Local is always fresh. Local is always athomewithcoop.

How do we measure local in our company? We have partnered with a company called localize a company that specialises in finding the best farmers to support our coop.

If you’re interested in what they do, they are currently looking for applicants for multiple positions in their company, please reach out to them if you’re interested.

Fresh Vegetables - Athomewithcoop
Our promise to you is of only fresh ingredients.

We hope you stick around to see how we try and improve our community by providing the highest quality food/ingredients for everybody in the community.

Can’t wait to meet all of you!